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Want to Learn How to be a Stock Trader? or How to Make Money from Trading the Stock Market? Searching for a Proven, Simple and Profitable Trading System? want to Increase your Income? or Learn Day Trading?….

Dave Limbrg CMC Markets Trading Competition Winner Learn How To Trade Stocks, Trade Commodities,  Trade Currency and Forex Markets Quickly And Easily. A Proven System From A Successful Trader!

The Everyday Trader has compiled 3 packages to help you on your trading journey. All of our packages have been written by Dave Limburg – Winner of The $100,000 CMC Markets CFD Trading Competition, Fulltime Stock Trader and Stock Market Educator. Learn the Trading Techniques He Used To Achieve A Return Of Over 440% In 2 Months, To Beat Over 400 Traders.

Dave Limburg Featured in “Real Traders, Real Lives 2″ by Eva Diaz, The Australian Financial Review, The Sun Herald Finance, CMC Markets Trade Review, The Sun Telegraph and The Age

We have compiled these packages to help you learn David Limburg’s Trading Secrets!

Introduction from Dave Limburg;

Stock Market Traders,

Are you looking to make money from trading the markets, using a relatively easy strategy, with minimal effort and starting capital? I was too! So I took the plunge and taught myself technical analysis and how to trade stocks online, CFDs and stock indexes. It wasn’t easy, but I was alone in my education, I learnt by trial and error, reading trading books, attending trading seminars, online study and losing money. If only I could have fast tracked my trading education I would have saved a lot of time and money! It is for that very reason that I decided to write a trading education course for beginners through to advanced traders. To fast track your trading career. Learn simple yet powerful and effective trading techniques, using technical analysis (TA) or charting. Learn how to trade stocks and the stock market and make money online!

  • No Fuss, Easy to Understand Trading Techniques
  • Learn how to trade shares, stocks, currency, commodities, options, warrants, any traded market!
  • Proven Long and Short Term Trading System for a Rising (bull) or Falling (bear) Market
  • Developed, Tested and Proven Trading Methods for ANY Traded Market – Stocks, CFDs, Forex
  • Trading System For Day Trading through to Long Term Investing
  • Inside Trading Techniques of Dave Limburg, from Eva Diaz’s Book “Real Traders, Real Lives II”

Real Traders 2 Eva DiazI have developed my trading system over many years of real trading as a full time day trader. Fine tuning my trading techniques and technical analysis as I learnt more. Along the way I increased my understanding of risk management, stop losses and money management, until I was totally comfortable with my trading strategy. I am now a full time stock, forex and CFD day trader, making a living off trading the stock market. And I want to show you how you can also make money trading the markets.

Are you sick of your trading account stagnant, or worse still, decreasing!? Are you ready to start using technical analysis to predict market movement with high accuracy? Would you like to make money without even watching the market intra day? Do you wish to increase your understanding of trading the markets online and start trading profitably!?

Welcome to The Everyday Trader’s Trading Courses! Learn how to profitably trade the Stock Market !


The Everyday Trader Trading Courses Overview

The Everyday Trader team has compiled the complete courses written by Dave Limburg;

Complete Trading Package

Home Study Trading Course

Learn –

  • Technical Analysis – What is technical analysis? What are the advantages of technical analysis and how to use these to get an edge? How to read the charts and use that information to trade profitably.
  • Styles of Charting – Understanding candlestick charting and the most profitable candle patterns to look for. Understanding and using gaps in your trading, what gaps I trade and how to trade gaps profitably.
  • Chart Trends – How to identify trend and draw trend lines to create a winning edge. Using the trend in your trading to improve your trading results.
  • Chart Patterns – Identifying several powerful chart patterns that regularly result in profitable trades How to trade those patterns both short term and longer term.
  • Chart Indicators – Identify the most effective chart indicators. Learn how to use those indicators with your trading and super charge your trading.
  • Money Management – Learn how to manage your account – improve your profitable trades and reduce your losing trades. Learn about position sizing and effective use of sizing. Learn how to set and use stop losses the right way.
  • Trading Psychology – How to deal with your emotions and trading. Understand that psychology is the biggest factor in success.
  • Trading Tools – What you need to get started trading. Including Trading Tools such as position sizing calculator and trading diary tool.


The Everyday Trader will teach all the information you need to start trading profitably!


  • When to enter a trade
  • When to exit a trade
  • Where to set your stop loss
  • What markets to trade
  • How to work out your position size
  • Money management of your trading account

Imagine the time you’ll save reading trading books, attending seminars and attempting to learn how to trade! These packages will accelerate your trading knowledge and give you all the trading information and tools to start trading. The methods are effective in bull and bear market, and across any traded market including; The stock market, currency/forex, commodities such as oil, metals and gold as well as bonds. All Dave’s trading secrets outlined!

Read What Traders Just Like You Have To Say About The Everyday Trader’s Stock Market Education Courses!

Andrew Harvey has this to say…

  • “I’ve just purchased your technical analysis trading course – it is fantastic – thank you very much. I have been struggling to make money trading for a long time, so I really have got a lot of benefit out of it. The trading course was simple to follow and the trading techniques outlined were easy to input into my own trading.”

Martin Andreas has this to say…

  • “Thanks so much!! Just what I was looking for a trading course written by a real stock trader! There are so many other trading courses, seminars and trading books around that are written by unknown traders. I took a lot of confidence out of seeing the real trades of a proven trader – I have a renewed drive to trade the market now that I have the right knowledge for it! This just made my life a ton easier!”

Daniel Devota has this to say…

  • “My trading has turned right around. The course was so straightforward and easy to digest. I have implemented several of the trading techniques with great results. My profits have already increased. This is more than just a dummies guide for trading, this is a complete trading strategy outlined step by step. ”

Sandie Brown has this to say…

  • “Thank you David Limburg for teaching me the right way to trade. I am now extremely confident trading shares, currencies and market indexes using CFDs.”

Tony has this to say…

  • “For such a small investment this course real is fantastic value. Others were charging hundreds of dollars for lesser products. With The Everyday Trader I knew that I was getting the information from a proven trader. The course was complete and comprehensive, but not overwhelming. I easily understood all the concepts and how to use them in my trading. I have complete confidence in trading using technical analysis alone now!”

Learn how to trade the stocks quickly and easily!

Do you value your time? Save hundreds of hours trying to work out how to trade. Learn from Dave Limburg, a proven competition winning trader, how to make money trading the stock market. Others charge hundreds, even thousands of dollars for trading courses. You can put the power of The Everyday Trader’s Trading courses to work for you in minutes.

All Packages include FREE the following Tools;

  • Position Sizing Calculator – This tool will simply work out how many shares to buy based on your risk, account size and stop loss.
  • Equity Charting Tool – Keep track of your trading account with this effective charting tool.
  • Trade History Template – Keep a record of all of your trades, learn from past trades, and see what trades where most profitable.
  • Trading Diary Template – Keep a complete record of all of your trades, as well as notes on potential breakouts and technical analysis notes.

Valued at over $300 ! FREE with Our Trading Courses!!!


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